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Topic: The ATI X1900XTX  vs nVidia's 7800GTX512?< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
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Posted: Feb. 14 2006,18:49

Well Just when ATI release the X1800XTX with 512MB, nvidia went ahead and leap frogged with it's own 7800GTX version with 512MB instead of 256.  And boy it was a monster!

It looks like ATI has responded with the X1900XTX (512MB).

Looks like it's also a faster card.  Except for Doom3/Quake4 (which is marginally slower not like a good deal slower as before) it's over-all the fastest rated card from most review sites.  This is just what I read in the review sites.  Go google and see for yourself.  

My disclaimer is I dont have one, therefore I cannot speak for myself on the performance of that badboy.  but it looks like it's holding the performance crown for the time being until nvidia release another frog leaper.  :D


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Quick Reply: The ATI X1900XTX  vs nVidia's 7800GTX512?
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